Service and support

At Phantom Screens Perth, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence in product quality and customer service. Since launching in 1995, we’ve grown to become Australia’s leading provider in retractable and motorised window furnishings. Our team of experts continually work hard to improve our products and services, and we’re always available to offer technical advice and support. We offer installation and maintenance services to ensure that your window and door screens always perform at their very best.

Limited lifetime warranty

We are committed to providing our customers throughout Perth’s metro area with the highest quality window furnishings on the market. Our parts are sourced from our head office in Adelaide, and our superior screens are designed to last a lifetime. We are so confident in our products that we back all screens with our limited lifetime warranty.

To view our limited lifetime warranty guidelines please click here .


To ensure your retractable window furnishings operate perfectly for many years to come, we recommend that you always follow our handling guidelines and maintenance tips. If you need further assistance or would like us to regularly service your new products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. To view our service and maintenance guide please click here .

Frequently asked questions

As always, the team at Phantom Screens Perth is happy to answer any questions you would like to ask about our products and services. We have listed some of our most frequently asked questions below for your convenience. If there is anything we haven’t covered on this page, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team.

Who are Phantom Screens Perth?

We are Australia’s leading provider of retractable screening solutions for all windows and doors. Founded in 1995 in Adelaide, our business is 100% Australian-owned, and all products are proudly Australian-made and manufactured.

What does Phantom Screens Perth make?

Here at Phantom Screens Perth, we manufacture retractable door, window, and motorised screens. We can screen anything from serveries to large bi-fold and café doors to balconies and pergolas. Our products are designed to fit virtually any space in order to enhance the beauty and comfort of your home or business. Our superior window furnishings provide ventilation and privacy, while keeping insects at bay. We offer retractable screen solutions in various sun shade and block out fabrics in a choice of colours to suit your existing décor.

Are your screens a suitable security solution?

Our screens are not designed to be a security screen. They are a stylish solution to keeping bugs and sun glare out instead of conventional, unsightly window furnishings.

Can you screen bi-fold doors?

Yes, our screens at Phantom Screens Perth can be mounted to almost any application. They are suitable for sliding doors, double French doors, in-swing and out-swing doors, café doors, bi-fold doors, and all types of window applications. Our products are custom-made to the exact measurements you require.

What size is Phantom Screens Perth housing?

We have two different housings which are the 45mm and 60mm housing. The 45mm housing can accommodate openings of 3 metres high and up to 1.8 metres wide for a single screen but a maximum width of 1.5 metres is recommended. For a double screen, we offer a maximum of 3.6 metres in width, but recommend no wider than 3 metres to be covered under warranty. For a single screen the 60mm housing can accommodate openings of up to 3 metres high and 2.25 meters wide and 4.5 metres for a double screen.

Do Phantom Screens require a top or bottom track?

Yes, our screens run in both a top and bottom track, and we offer a range of different sizes to suit our clients’ individual needs. Our standard size is 20mm x 25mm. Our 60mm housing comes with a 38mm x 20mm track, which is fitted with a brush pile to prevent billowing and blowing out the mesh. For more information on our range of tracks, please contact your nearest dealer or phone freecall 1800 630 050.

What colours are available?

Our screens come in a wide range of colours from the Dulux powder Coating colour range and also the interpon powder coat colours. This enables us to match screens as closely as possible with your existing doorframes and décor.

Do your products come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our products. This includes two years warranty on installation and labour, and a lifetime warranty on the components. The only part that isn’t covered under warranty is the mesh, due to everyday wear and tear.

Are your screens fire proof?

Unfortunately our screens do not meet fire safety standards. If we could use stainless steel mesh effectively, we would, but they will not work in our retractable window furnishings. When our screens are retracted into their protective housing the mesh is completely concealed inside the unit. They pose little threat as a point of ignition, as all components are aluminium and our mesh is PVC coated fibreglass, which simply melts when heated.

How can I ensure my screen works to its full potential?

We strongly recommend that you follow our service guide to ensure your screens last a lifetime. To view our service guide, please click here .