Serene Screens

Retractable window screens to suit your style in Perth.

Serene window screens

Phantom’s retractable Serene screens are designed to suit all types of windows and a multitude of applications. Allowing for uninterrupted views, pull them down as needed and retract out of sight when not in use. Built in catches inside the bottom of the tracks eliminate the need for a magnetic profile so there is nothing fitted to the bottom of the window or benchtop. A range of available fabrics enable you to block out the sun and the insects.

All Serene screens come with a mesh retention system which keeps the mesh in place despite breezy conditions.

Featuring contoured, two-piece housing and ergonomically designed handles with brush seal, Serene screens ensure smooth operation and fabulous style.

Features and benefits


Opening sizes




Insect Mesh

Max 3.0m

Max 2.2m

Solar Mesh

Max 3.0m

Max 1.9m

Privacy Mesh/Blockout

Max 3.0

Max 1.8m

Technical information

Screen Maintenance and Service

All of us at Phantom Screens Perth care about installing the best quality products and making each and every one of our customers happy. This is as true today as it was when we opened our doors in 1999.

Because we’ve been focused solely on the retractable screens business for almost two decades, our knowledge of the product is second to none. We stand by our products and our confidence in your long-term satisfaction is backed by Phantom Screens

We are dedicated to being here for you long after you’ve purchased your screen. Whether you need to schedule a service call or would like to order more screens we’re here to help. Give us a call today.