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Spanning up to 8 metres wide!

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The outdoor blinds we manufacture are the Fully Motorised Executive Screens. They have a broad range of applications. Depending on the selected mesh type, these retractable outdoor blinds can also help reduce your energy costs. They do this by lowering the amount of energy used to cool or heat the house. Our Executive Screens are so versatile that they fit most standard and oversized applications,  providing for ventilationshade from the sun, protection from pests, and enhanced privacy.

The Largest Motorised Blind In The World

The Executive Screen is the largest motorised blind available globally, capable of covering openings of 8 metres wide x 5 metres high in a single screen. They are almost invisible when retracted and when require appear at the touch of a button.

Retrofit or New Build

Phantom’s Executive Screens are designed for integration into large applications for retrofit or new construction projects. They can be mounted on both the interior and exterior of buildings. Executive Screens provide the ideal outdoor blind solution for oversized openings such as patio blindsalfresco blinds, or PVC Shade blinds over windows. Executive Screens can offer insect protection, or solar shading and enhanced privacy.

Features and benefits


Ideal for both commercial and residential construction projects. The Executive Screen used as outdoor blinds covers all large application types, including:

Executive Screens can be integrated into every type of architectural style including wood, brick, stucco, natural stone, and concrete.

Screen Maintenance and Service

All of us at Phantom Screens Perth care about installing the best quality products and making each and every one of our customers happy. This is as true today as it was when we opened our doors in 1999.

Because we’ve been focused solely on the retractable screens business for almost two decades, our knowledge of the product is second to none. We stand by our products and our confidence in your long-term satisfaction is backed by Phantom Screens

We are dedicated to being here for you long after you’ve purchased your screen. Whether you need to schedule a service call or would like to order more screens we’re here to help. Give us a call today.